In Finnish Tulikivi (That’s TWO-lee-KEE-vee) stands for soapstone. Tulikivi offers you every conceivable variant of this beautiful stone including: soapstone fireplaces, bakeovens, fireplace-bakeovens or cooktops - all made from the unique soapstone. The use of natural stone materials as a basis for interior decoration solutions allows for the creation of an elegant and serene atmosphere.

Slabs and Tiles

When you want to add a fresh look to your home, familiarize yourself with Tulikivi soapstone sinks, countertops, tiles and flooring. With these soapstone products you will be able to enhance the look of your kitchen, living room or yard. These soapstone products are...


A Tulikivi is one of the most elegant, quiet, and clean-burning heating and cooking fireplaces ever devised. There are no gimmicks, gadgets, inserts or moving parts. A Tulikivi fireplace is solid soapstone, inside and out. Unlike a cast-iron woodstove or a fireplace-insert, a Tulikivi fireplace is a well-built, permanent part of your home and what is the most important, Tulikivi gives you pleasant, radiant heat.


Slabs & Tiles

Natural stone offers great opportunities to change the aesthetics of your kitchen or bathroom. The incomparable and durable stone guarantees easy yet beautiful environment for cooking and dining. A stone counter can be used bare for baking and preparing food and it also functions as a place to deposit hot dishes.

Soapstone sinks for the kitchen, bathroom or bar, can be built in single, double or triple bowls of any size, and with or without a drain board or backsplash. Sinks start as a slab of soapstone which is machined into individual parts, and then assembled with special Soapstone's own glue. Like antique soapstone sinks, the sinks are constructed with a flat bottom.


Tulikivi gives you the freedom to choose and the opportunity to express your personality through the choices that you make. You can vary your chosen fireplace theme by selecting different surface treatments, sandblasting techniques or intarsia inlays. You can also accentuate the unique appearance of your fireplace by placing benches, shelves or decorations around the fireplace or by selecting floor or wall tiling to complement it.


Custom orders are available through Green Fusion Design Center.  Come on by to take a look at our samples and have your design questions answered.  Or, if you know what you’d like, give us a call.  Phone orders available by credit card only.

Stone with soul


Working Tulikivi Masonry Heater at Green Fusion's showroom