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About Natural Cork

A member of the beech family, the cork oak tree grows in coastal regions of the Mediterranean.  Unlike most trees where the primary value is derived from the lumber of the trunk, cork is actually harvested from the bark of the trees.  Grown on farms and harvested every 9 to 11 years, the financial benefit lies not in felling these trees but in keeping them alive and in production for generations.

Cork flooring is created from the post-industrial byproduct of the bottle-stopper industry.  The “waste” material is ground up and then formed into sheets using minimal amounts of adhesive to bind the particles under high pressure.

Why choose Cork?

Durable and Easy to Maintain
Pre-finished Natural Cork flooring is protected with 5 coats of durable UV acrylic finish.  Your well maintained cork flooring will last decades of enjoyment.

Cork provides a comfortable cushion underfoot as it gives under compression.  Because cork “bounces back”, recovery from marks left by furniture will leave minimal residual indentation, less noticeable than on wood, carpet or vinyl floors.

Fire Resistant
Cork is a fire inhibitor that does not spread flame. Cork will not produce toxic gases on combustion.

Thermally and Acoustically Insulated
The inherent resiliency of cork provides a comfortable cushion that is gentle on feet, back and joints.  With cork flooring, walking barefoot on cold nights doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience.  In addition to providing a comfortable cushion underfoot, cork reduces noise, making the perfect alternative for multi-level housing, schools, offices, museums, theaters, and anyplace with little ones.

Antimicrobial and Insect Repellent
Suberin, the inherent substance of cork, is a natural insect repellent.  Even termites are unwelcome.  Cork is also antimicrobial and fights the development of mildew.  What a perfect indoor playground for the crawling little one!  And if you have allergies and like the warmth of carpet, this is your best alternative.


Natural CORK Floating Floor Plank
A floating floor is one that is not attached to the substrate.  Each plank is secured to those adjoining, like a puzzle, so that the floor system functions as a single unit instead of a series of individual pieces.  All Natural CORK floating floor plank feature a center core tongue and groove layer with the unique CLIC technology, making installation incredibly easy.

Natural CORK Parquet Tile
Parquet tile is available finished or unfinished in 100% high-density cork.  Tiles are pre-glued with non-toxic water based contact cement for gluedown installation.

Natural CORK  Underlayment
Cork underlayment is available in either sheet or roll to provide acoustic insulation beneath other surface flooring materials.  Natural cork underlayment can be glued under hardwood, ceramic tile, carpet, and laminate.

Natural CORK offers 9 Patterns in their Classic Series and 10 Patterns in the Earth Series.  Come by Green Fusion Design Center to check out the beautiful designs and feel, firsthand, how this gorgeous flooring feels underfoot.  We promise you’ll notice the difference.


Custom orders are available through Green Fusion Design Center.  Come on by to take a look at our samples and have your design questions answered.  Or, if you know what you’d like, give us a call.  Phone orders available by credit card only.

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