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About EcoTimber

EcoTimber was founded on the premise that the best way to preserve the world’s forests is to build markets for wood products sourced from superior models of forest management.  Since 1992, EcoTimber has promoted forest conservation worldwide by selling sustainably harvested and reclaimed wood products. EcoTimber specializes in wood products from forests that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and thoroughly researches its sources, maintaining the highest standards in eco-friendly products. When you buy EcoTimber flooring, you’re not just buying the finest wood products available.  You’re casting a dollar vote for sustainable forestry. 

EcoTimber flooring offers a wide range of gorgeous domestic and exotic hardwood and bamboo flooring, including prefinished engineered and floating floors.  We also offer top-quality reclaimed wood from old buildings that would otherwise go to waste.



EcoTimber® bamboo flooring is made from bamboo plantations -- not from wild habitats. Bamboo is a highly renewable resource, harvestable only four to six years after being planted. Its low moisture absorption properties make it ideal for humid climates and applications where moisture might pose a challenge for other types of flooring.

Solid Bamboo Flooring is composed entirely of Bamboo. These 3-5/8"-wide planks can be nailed to plywood or glued to concrete subfloors.

  • Solid Horizontal-grain Bamboo Flooring, is available in a blond natural color and a warm amber, horizontal-grain bamboo flooring is notable for the distinct knuckles formed by the joints in the bamboo stalk.
  • Solid Vertical-grain bamboo has a clean, linear look that some people prefer over the knuckles that figure in our regular product. Available in Natural or Amber. The amber color, often referred to as "carbonized", is the result of steaming the bamboo stalks before processing them into flooring.

Woven Bamboo Flooring

Made of Bamboo strands pressed together with a durable resin, this gorgeous prefinished flooring offers the durability of the densest tropical hardwoods with the sustainability of Bamboo. Its wood-like grain is less linear than traditional Bamboo flooring, and its extreme hardness makes it ideal for high-traffic settings. Available in a Honey and Amber color.

Engineered Bamboo Flooring consists of a sandable wear layer of Bamboo on top of a backing made of plantation Pine and Fir. This can be nailed to plywood, glued to concrete, or floated. Available in Vertical or Horizontal grain in Natural or Amber color.


Classics FSC Certified – Engineered

  • Hard Maple FlooringPrefinished Engineered Single-Strip Also known as Hard or Rock Maple, this North American classic has a lustrous white color, very fine texture, and beautiful curving grain patterns.
  • Natural Hickory Flooring Prefinished Engineered Single-Strip An American classic. Natural Hickory has moderate color variation, ranging from brown to tan.
  • Chocolate Hickory Flooring Prefinished Engineered Single-Strip A deep, rich stain provides a clean, modern appearance with minimal color variation.
  • Orchard Walnut Flooring - Mista Prefinished Enginered Single-Strip Made from orchard-grown Walnut trees in California's Central Valley, this Walnut floor features exquisite color and grain variation and unique figured patterns not found in other Walnut floors.

EcoTimber engineered flooring can be nailed down like solid flooring, glued directly to concrete, or "floated" (gluing the planks to each other and not to the subfloor). Because they are prefinished, these products do not have to be sanded and finished on the jobsite, and are easy and inexpensive to install.



Hand-Scraped FSC Certified Flooring

Ecotimber Hand-scraped flooring is genuinely scraped by hand -- not "distressed" by machinery.
Five-inch widths provide a truly rustic feel and an old-world appearance. Scratches and dings will not stand out as they sometimes do with smooth-surface flooring.  The wood in these floors is 100% FSC Certified from well-managed forests, and made with formaldehyde-free, zero-VOC adhesives.

  • Hand-Scraped Flooring-Hickory Spice, Prefinished Engineered Single-Strip
  • Hand-Scraped Flooring-Hickory Mountain Prefinished Engineered Single-Strip
  • Hand-Scraped Flooring-Hickcory Bourbon, Prefinished Engineered Single-Strip
  • Hand-Scraped Flooring-Oak, Bittersweet Prefinished Engineered Single-Strip
  • Hand-Scraped Flooring- Hickory Mocha Prefinished Engineered Single-Strip




  • Antique Northern Yellow Pine Flooring
    Unfinished Solid Reclaimed
    -Harder than most Pine species, this traditional favorite is milled from old-growth lumber that is reclaimed from old buildings and given new life. It features knots, nail holes, and occasional insect scarring; and includes both light-colored sapwood and orange-brown heart wood.
  • Antique Oak Flooring Unfinished Solid Reclaimed-A mix of Red & White Oak is reclaimed from old buildings and remilled into wide-plank flooring. Sold in mixed widths to replicate the look of traditional colonial flooring, this product offers the superior strength and stability of old-growth wood without the environmental cost. Antique Oak’s rustic features include knots, insect scarring, occasional nail holes, and areas of weathered patina.
  • Country Oak Flooring Unfinished Solid Forest Salvage-Milled from standing dead and wind-fallen Red Oaks, this flooring offers the rustic look of reclaimed wood at a fraction of the cost. Country Oak features frequent knots and insect scarring, and is sold in mixed wide widths and long lengths.

Exotics FSC Certified

EcoTimber® exotic hardwoods are exceptionally beautiful and are off the charts in terms of hardness and durability. Because they are FSC-certified, using them is key to supporting sustainable forestry initiatives in the tropics where forests are rapidly being cleared for farming.

  • Brazilian Cherry / Jatoba Flooring Prefinished Engineered -The prefinished engineered version can be nailed to plywood or glued to concrete subfloors
  • White Tigerwood Flooring (Honey Color) Prefinished Engineered-White Tigerwood has a light, closed grain similar to Beech, but with an iridescence that truly shines. An excellent alternative for those looking for a light-colored floor but prefer something harder and more exotic than Maple or Beech.
  • White Tigerwood Flooring Unfinished Solid-
    This South American native ranges in color from honey yellow to light golden brown. White Tigerwood has a light, closed grain similar to Beech, but with an iridescence that truly shines. An excellent alternative for those looking for a light-colored floor but prefer something harder and more exotic than Maple or Beech.
  • White Tigerwood Flooring (Gold Color) Prefinished Engineered-Our White Tigerwood flooring is now also available in a Gold color. This floor features fewer of the red tones found in the Honey color shown above.
  • Cumaru / Brazilian Teak Flooring Prefinished Engineered-Similar to Brazilian Cherry, but with a warm brown color with fewer reddish tones. Cumaru (KOO-mah-roo) - sometimes known as Brazilian Teak - is one of the hardest wood species on the planet.



Custom orders are available through Green Fusion Design Center.  Come on by to take a look at our samples and have your design questions answered.  Or, if you know what you’d like, give us a call. Phone orders available by credit card only. (415) 454-0174  

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Bamboo Horizontal Grain Natural

Woven Bamboo Honey Color

Classic Natural Hickory

Classic Chocolate Hickory

Handscraped Hickory Spice

Handscraped Hickory Mountain


Handscraped Hickory Mocha

Forest Salvaged Country Oak


Brazilian Cherry

White Tigerwood Honey