Under the Canopy

Under the Canopy® was born in 1996 with a mission to make a positive impact on the future of the planet, creating a product line that utilizes the Earth's resources in an ecofriendly, sustainable manner. Their line of EcoFashion®, a term they coined, offers only the most sophisticated, luxurious, high quality, comfortable and fashionable styles. their products are made from innovative organic fibers and fiber blends such as organic denim, organic cotton angora and soy. Their newly launched, cutting-edge Organic Tee collection, "108", offers 18 soulful taglines on 6 nature-inspired colors.

The way they see it, we all live under the canopy of their planet's ecosystem. Pollutants and harsh chemicals that need not go into the production of clothing erode this fragile canopy every day. Through designing a line of clothing made from environmentally friendly fibers that were sown and grown without the use of these chemicals, they offer consumers a chance to eliminate large quantities of pesticides from their bodies, their homes, the Earth, and their children's futures.

Offering the finest quality EcoFashion® for women, men and children, as well as organic bed and bath ware, giftware, footwear and accessories, UTC is at the forefront of the thriving organic products industry. Their stand as an ecological wellspring in the fashion world, demonstrating to consumers that they need not sacrifice their social and environmental beliefs to maintain a modern, high quality, and stylish wardrobe.

Since its inception, Under the Canopy has created a major buzz, which has led to numerous features in such renowned publications as The New York Times, Business They ek, Lucky, Organic Style, Fit Yoga, Women's They ar Daily, Catalog Age, Catalog Success, Natural Health, Vegetarian Times, Health, E Magazine, Mothering, and Country Living's Healthy Living, to name a few. their line has also been featured on Barbara Walters' The View, alongside Ralph Lauren, Todd Oldham and Armani. Under the Canopy regularly services and wardrobes top models and celebrities, and is the fashion partner of the Environmental Media Association.


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