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About Vivètique & The Natural Bedroom

Handcrafted with 100 percent organic cotton and Pure Grow Wool, the Natural Bedroom by Vivetique Quilted Mattress is hypoallergenic and contains no dyes or chemicals. The family-owned manufacturer gets rave reviews for its customer service. Natural Bedroom by Vivetique first opened its doors in the "Crown City" of California in 1917, where in Pasadena it was first known as Crown City Mattress. It has since expanded its natural sleep division to become nationally known as Natural Bedroom by Vivetique. It is still a family run company whose goal has always been to provide a refreshing night's rest. Providing a good night's rest is very important since most people spend about a third of their life in bed. This is why Natural Bedroom is concerned with the benefits of sleep and the health aspect of conventional sleeping surfaces. While we sleep, our body replenishes itself and since skin absorbs what is comes into contact with, make it a healthful environment by Natural Bedroom.


Green Fusion has four different types of beds from The Natural Bedroom on display as well as one crib mattress. We have been impressed by this local company's concern for the purity of their wool and the health of the animals in the ecosystem.

Organic Beds On Display-

  • The Dream Lite - An 8" 100% Natural latex non-innerspring mattress. The 6" natural latex core is firm while the top is made of 2" of soft  natural latex. The two plates are covered with Pure Grow Wool™ and quilted to an organic cotton ticking cover.

                   Twin   TwinXL   Full    Queen  East/CAL-King

Mattress $1714  $2061  $2373 $2613     $3441

Adj.Slat  $653   $687    N/A        $929    $1303

Pine Wood

foundation $223 $291  $360     $360     $440 

  • The OW - (Organic Cotton and Pure Grow Wool™) a standard coil innerspring mattress wrapped with Organic Cotton and Pure Grow Wool™ and tufted to an organic cotton ticking cover. Available in Firm (312 coils), Extra firm (510 coils) and Super firm (1000 coils).

Price      Twin   TwinXL   Full    Queen  East/CAL-King

Mattress $843   $1014 $1100   $1303   $1710

Boxspring $589   $640   $691   $843     $1046

Set         $1432  $1654 $1791  $2146  $2756


  • The  Paradise - The Paradise Mattress is 510 coil count innerspring mattress. The innersprings covered on each side with 2" of 100% pure natural latex. The latex provides
    softness while the innerspring gives
    support to the body. The entire mattress
    is covered with organic cotton and Pure
    Grow WoolTM and innertufted to an organic
    cotton cover. The 81 coil boxspring
    is recommended for this mattress.

Price       Twin   TwinXL   Full    Queen  East/CAL-King

Mattress $1083  $1367  $1481  $1738   $2189

Boxspring $529  $597   $648     $798      $922

Set        $1556  $1902 $2063    $2425   $3111 


  • Latex mattress - Solid 6" Non-innerspring mattress using 100% Pure Natural Latex available in medium, firm and extra firm. 100% pure natural latex is a great
    alternative for those customers concerned
    with EMF's pressure point problems, or live
    in humid climate where mold, mildew and
    dust mites are a concern. Our latex mattress
    has a core that is approximately 5 1/2" to 6"
    thick. A wood foundation or a slat
    frame is recommended to allow for adequate

Price       Twin   TwinXL   Full    Queen  East/CAL King

Mattress $1301  $1530  $1757  $1971   $2613

Adj.Slat  $653    $687    N/A     $928      $1303

Pine Wood

foundation $223   $291   $360    $360   $471 

  • Crib Mattress - Extra Firm innerspring mattress is covered with layers of organic cotton pads covered with quilted organic cotton and Pure Grow Wool™.  Price $300

Bed Toppers On Display-

  • 3" Pure Grow Wool™ Mattress Topper- This 3" thick layer of our Pure Grow WoolTM is covered in an organic cotton cover and is hand-tufted.This topper may be added to any style mattress for a cozy feeling most like a featherbed. A zippered organic cotton cover may be purchased separately for additional protection.

        Price Twin   TwinXL   Full    Queen  East/CAL King

              $364    $434   $486  $552     $678

  • 100% Pure Natural Latex Mattress Pad-Quilted Pillowtop Mattress Pad 2" 100% Pure Natural Latex with a layer of organic
    cotton and Pure Grow WoolTM quilted to organic cotton fabric. It has natural cotton elastic straps and is available in three different firmness levels-Medium Soft, Firm, and extra Firm

Price       Twin   TwinXL   Full    Queen  East/CAL King

             $520   $584    $622   $722    $818


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Custom orders are available through Green Fusion Design Center.  Come on by to take a look at our samples and have your design questions answered.  Or, if you know what you’d like, give us a call.  Phone orders available by credit card only. (415) 454-0174


The Dream Lite


The OW


The Paradise

6" Latex


Crib Mattress

3" Mattress Topper

2" Latex Mattress Pad