Hands-On Plaster Application workshop on St Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime


On Sunday July, 16th we learned how to apply this beautiful finish from Lin Spier, owner of Lin Spier Construction and local plaster Artisan. NHL Lime Plaster is unique, rich, warm, soft, and inviting to the touch. Pure all natural lime plaster contains no additives, is breathable, versatile, elastic, bacteria and mold resistant. In this workshop, we learned how to:

  • Mix the color pigments with plaster
  • Apply base, finish coat and sealer
  • Plaster corners, ceilings & edges

Pure Hydraulic Lime is:

  • Unique, warm, rich, soft, inviting to the touch
  • 150 years of old world beauty for new world charm
  • Pure, all-natural lime plaster contains no additives
  • Breathable, versatile, elastic, bacteria and mold resistant

For more information please call (415) 454-0174