Flood Clean-up, Restoration & Remediation Roundtable

Thursday, January 12, 2006 from 7:00-9:00 PM

To help our community with the recent flood damages to their buildings (homes and businesses as well as schools and public spaces) we are:

1. Offering flood victims 20% off Interface Flor tiles, and other product discounts.

2. Holding a public service forum on dealing with flood damage: specifically wet-building materials, mold reduction and general health and safety issues. We expect to have Ursula Hanks, Emergency Serivies Coordinator as well as professional contractors who deal with mold mitigation. A full list of presenters is below.


  • Ursula Hanks, County of Marin Emergency Services Coordinator ; Ursula Hanks is responsible for helping residents of Marin County reduce the impact of potential hazards before a disaster, then assist in reducing or limiting the impact and disruptive nature of a disasters like the flood we just experienced.  Ms. Hanks will help guide participants to community agencies that help those in need.
  • Elie Rothschild, V.P. & Founder, Sustainable Spaces; Elie Rothschild is a building scientist with expertise in construction & renewable energy. Sustainable Spaces' approaches construction as a holistic system, applying building science to identify specific steps that can improve the indoor air quality and energy efficiency of your home or business.
  • Gayle Permar, Architect & Community Planner AIA; Gayle Permar is a local architect who specializes in Healthcare and healthy building.  Gayle has been in the trenches with local residents and business owners in an effort to help them understand what the damage that has occurred means to their buildings and how they need to proceed.
  • Greg Snowden, Founder, Green Fusion Design Center; Greg Snowden is a building expert with 26 years as a Construction Manager with expertise in green construction.   Green Fusion has a multitude of cleaning, remediation and construction products that they are offering at a discount to homes and businesses adversely affected by the recent floods.
  • Jennifer Sherbert, GreenEnvirontek, Inc; GreenEnvirontek offers the only product that has insurance-backed mold warranty (10 years and up to 50K in remediation).  Ms. Sherbert will talk about her company and the products that they offer for remediation of mold/mildew as well as fire prevention.