An Introduction to Electromagnetic Pollution & Field Testing

On Friday, October 14th GFDC hosted Stephen Scott & Manu Butterworth of the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui to talk about Electromagnetic Fields. Electromagnetic Fields, called EMFs, have created a hazardous global environment. A large and growing number of people have debilitating symptoms solely attributed to stress, kidney and liver dysfunction, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and a whole host of other known illnesses that are actually caused by EMF toxicity. Since EMFs are odorless, colorless and invisible, people are not generally concerned or aware of their harmful influence in places where they are most detrimental-in industrialized North America and Northern European regions where EMFs are omnipresent.

People waking up in the morning after a full night's sleep who continually feel groggy or fatigued and who think they need ten to twelve hours of sleep may be greatly mistaken. Symptoms caused by EMFs can go untreated for years due to this lack of awareness. We should not take this subject lightly-this is an essential component of a feng shui or healthy home consultation.

In this introductory lecture participants learned:

  • EMF basic science
  • EMF sources in the neighborhood and in the home
  • What is considered within healthy and potentially dangerous EMF levels
  • Electrical sensitivity and health concerns

The introductory talk was followed by an optional 2 day workshop where participants gained first hand practical experience in how to conduct and diagnose a full EMF survey.  Details on the course can be found here: