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We've spent countless hours researching and developing a product line that embodies Green Fusion's mission to connect folks with natural, eco-friendly, healthy products and services. The company is committed to the process of moving our culture toward conscious lifestyle practices by providing modern goods that blend function, style and sustainability. We believe the basic foundation of sustainable business is making conscious purchasing decisions that consider personal, environmental, and cultural impacts.

The Green Fusion Design Center's products possess, at a minimum, at least one of the following attributes: recycled, biodegradable, organic, natural, energy efficient, water efficient, exceptionally durable, non-toxic, locally produced, sustainably harvested, and supportive of the global community's natural health.

Every products we carry is:

  • Beautiful & Stylish
  • Environmentally Friendly & Healthy
  • Consciously Manufactured & Durable

Whatever the décor, we offer both interior and exterior options that allow customers to create the look they want without the addition of harmful chemicals and toxic environmental pollutants. We'd love to help you find the products that most adequately fit your needs. Our beautiful showroom is a great place to come and get a first-hand experience with healthy, eco-savvy products that will beautify your home while protecting the planet.

Come by and browse through a book in our library or take a nap in one of our fabulous beds.   We're happy to answer your questions and provide customized product demonstrations.

Custom orders available by phone (credit cards only); call 415.454.0174

If you know of something you think we could be selling, all means...let us know.