Partnering with Green Fusion

The "fusion" at the Green Fusion Design Center not only takes place with our eco-savvy products that blend health, sustainability and style. It also occurs as we bring together a community of manufacturers, contractors, designers and artisans that share in the vision to live consciously.... responsibly.

We invite you to share your ideas, suggestions or products with us. Please, by all means, let us know of a person or company that stands out as an earth-steward.


Our Current Marketing Partners:

LC Biofuels LLC is Based in Richmond, CA and is the Bay Area’s number one community based biodiesel fuel provider. Sourcing only premium quality ASTM D 6751 certified biodiesel from 100% soy bean oil, they address the demand for both an environmentally sound product and one that supports American farmers.

Their fully automated production facility is the most energy efficient in the industry and takes up only 1800 square feet of land to manufacture up to 1000 gallons per day.

Canyon Construction is a leader in sustainable building, having built their first sod roof, recycled content home in 1969. They understand that attractive homes and environmentally conscious materials are not mutually exclusive. By producing durable, sustainable structures, they help reduce the resource demand for the lifecycle of the structure.

Canyon Construction also promotes the practice of sustainable building by hosting seminars and events. The Alameda County Waste Management Authority (ACWMA) recently tapped into their sustainable building knowledge for Green Building Guidelines, a handbook they produced for consumers and builders doing home remodeling.

Blue Sky Clean Air Shipping Solutions is California's first shipping company to fuel its fleet with Biodiesel. Aiming to change the way businesses ship goods, Blue Sky provides customers a clean-air alternative to conventional petroleum based shipping!

Green Fusion Design Center supports local business and craftsmen when available.

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