Local Art Showcase

We are interested in displaying local artists work, especially artists that have an eco-twist. Contemporary, humorous, colorful. We have had both abstract and traditional pieces in the past. To be considered, contact sophia@greenfusiondesigncenter.com

The Green Fusion Design Center is proud to be a part of the monthly Art Walk put on by the San Anselmo Art Commission. The ArtWalk takes place on the third Thursday of each month from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. Come explore our showroom while you experience and enjoy featured art. Receptions, exhibits and readings will be open to all!

Current Shows

Amama Ua Noa
(Now this bird has flown)

This work by Greg Goth explores the metaphysics of prayer generation in the Huna tradition of the Hawaiian Islands. In this tradition, the Kahuna, or spiritual practioner, invokes the assistance of power. The Ti plant, long a revered protection spirit, is here depicted as a watermarked image. Cord is used to create three spirals which represent the three selves: lower, middle and higher. The weaving movement of the cords that emerge from the spirals represents an essential element of this process as the selves must work in concert, with the assistance of power, for a successful prayer to be achieved.

Finally, when all of the necessary preparatory and ritual work is accomplished, the Kahuna declares: “Amama Ua Noa” (Now this bird has flown). The prayer is sent out into the Universe to fulfill its purpose.

This is a backlit four panel constuction made of watermarked handmade abaca fiber paper (banana family) suspended in a Mangowood frame. The colors are achieved by pigmenting
individual batches of milled fiber in a water medium and combining them to form single sheets or panels. More information about the process and the artist are available upon request.

Functional Metal Art by Elizabeth Dougherty

Elizabeth is an Oakland, CA-based multi-media artist currently focusing on functional metal art. As mass-production has overrun the creation of everyday items, Dougherty's work provides the opportunity to enliven a space with the energy of original design. Her unusual candlesticks, lamps, birdbaths, fountains, and music stands are created by combining found metal pieces, steel and copper together with light and water.

You may experience her work first hand at The Green Fusion Deign Center which is showing the following pieces: Candlesticks, Lamp, Music Stand, Birdbath, and Fountain.

For more information visit her web site online at: www.concrescentarts.com

Past Shows

  • Paintings by Expressionist Paul Honatke
  • Paintings by Michele Goodwin
  • Paintings by Milla Ruane
  • Paintings by Jane Kiskaddon
  • Paintings by Barbara Lawrence
  • Nature Photography by Dan Baumbach
  • Paintings by Jane Wilson