Awards & Recognition

  Green Fusion was awarded the Golden Acorn Award in 2005 by the Environmental Forum of Marin. The Golden Acorn award recognizes businesses that have shown a commitment to environmental sustainability and education through business practices.
  Greg Snowden, owner of Green Fusion Design, was awarded the John McPhail Green Business Award in 2006 by the Marin Conservation League for improving communications between the business and environmental communities and demonstrating that profitability and sustainability need not be mutually exclusive.

Green Fusion was honored in 2007 by the readers of The Bohemian Magazine by being voted the Best Home Improvement Store In Marin County.

The above photo features some of our talented green team: Linda Delair, Sophia Balestreri, Greg Snowden, Deborah Crosbyand Kathleen Lanphier. Green Fusionis grateful for Bohemian Magazine and all the readers who took the time to share their thoughts about our store.


Green Fusion received the SAFE-BIDCO Green Entrepreneur Award in 2008. The award was created to support and recognize small businesses that have chosen to implement socially and environmentally responsible business practices.


Green Fusion was voted Best Business that Promotes Going Green in the Pacific Sun magazine's 2008 reader poll.

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